BITS Multiplier Bitcoin Script 2017 V2.00

We are pioneers in multiplying bitcoins on the network, with a super script in a few hours, is the multiplication Bitcoins submitted in a block. Your bitcoin currency will be used in our multiplier Script btc for 48 hours, until the finish process. 100% ANONYMOUS and Safe. For the second time in the online in 2017.

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About us

We are a team of programmers with experience in bitcoin. We study the algorithm to produce a script to spare the amount of bitcoin in a few hours working on the network. However as a safety measure the total time is 24 hours.

Double btc

Fly now for the Bitcoin market, Which is Increasingly growing. Offering to our allies one reward 2x to your investment. For each minimum investment BTC 0.01 per 48 / hours -> worked = BTC 0.02

Because the value of the deposit and high ?

In order to keep our investors with higher profits, and minimize our work, deposits with lower values ​​brings us a lot of work for little return.

Because only one deposit per day ?

We need time to meet all safely, and keep the price. We have a period of 24 hours for a new investment high profit. Please understand us!

Affiliate program

We offer 06% of earnings for each affiliate to sign up for its indication in our system. This gain will be valid for each deposit made.

Warning: do not tolerate Fake affiliate accounts. If found in our script, you will be automatically deleted and no more will have their BTC.

I will invest. I can trust ?

Stay totally safe about it, your order will be processed and we will work on to meet the term option. Feel free to contact.

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